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Neyala's Homestay is located at 071 P. Abarquez Street, Sinakan, Sabtang, Batanes

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Your trip to Batanes will not be complete without visiting Sabtang. Sabtang is an island municipality located in the southern part of Batanes. From Basco, I had to ride a boat at the San Vicente Port and brave the open seas of the Luzon Strait to get to Sabtang Island.

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Iconic Batanes Tricycle
Thanks to Safetravel Philippines for arranging my trip to Sabtang. I visited the amazing places of interest on the island on board this iconic Batanes tricycle.

Places of interest that I was able to visit on Sabtang Island in Batanes while on board the iconic Batanes Tricycle Tour included:

  • Savidug Barrio
  • Chavayan Barrio
  • Ahaw (Natural Stone Arch) / Morong Beach
  • Chamantad Tinan Viewpoint

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Catching my breath while climbing this Idjang (a triangular-shaped hilltop fortress made from limestone and wood) in Sabtang. There are a total of 4 Idjangs found throughout Batanes. The Ivatan's ancestors used to live in Idjangs some 4000 years ago. Watch the featured video about how I lost my drone in Batanes. Link available in my bio. Follow my page. Don't be a stranger. You might learn something new. #Batanes #Sabtang #travelbloggers #travelblogger #travelblog #travelph #travelphotography #travelphotos #pinoywanderer #wanderer #wanderlust #globetrotter #asianwanderlust #Philippines #digitalnomads #diginomads #pinasmuna #online #content #creator #island #itsmorefuninthephilippines

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Some visitors opt for just a day tour of Sabtang. According to locals, however, it is best to stay overnight so I could maximize my visit. That boat trip to the island, after all, was no joke. Hence, I booked an overnight stay at Neyala’s Homestay located at 071 P. Abarquez Street, Sinakan, Sabtang, Batanes.

From the Sabtang Port, I rode a tricycle arranged by Safetravel Philippines to bring me to Neyala’s Homestay.

Upon check-in, I met Tita Neyala, the matriarch of the Neyala Family. She then escorted me to the room on the second floor.

Neyala's Homestay, Sabtang, Batanes
Traditional Ivatan Clothing on display at the reception of Neyala’s Homestay in Sabtang, Batanes: the vakul is a traditional headdress worn by women farmers in the fields for protection against the sun and rain while Kanayi and talugong (vest and wide-brimmed farmer’s hat) are worn by men.

My room has a double deck and a queen size bed, good for a group of two or three. It has its own toilet and bath and air-conditioning.

Room rates are as follows:

  • Php 1500 per night for three
  • Php 1200 per night for two
  • Php 800 per night for one

For bookings, contact Safetravel Philippines here.

Neyala's Homestay in Sabtang, Batanes
Queen Size Bed. Neyala’s Homestay in Sabtang, Batanes.
Neyala's Homestay in Sabtang, Batanes
Toilet and Bath. Neyala’s Homestay in Sabtang, Batanes

There is a common area where I met fellow backpackers staying in Neyala’s Homestay who flew all the way from Visayas and Mindanao just to visit breathtaking Batanes.

Photo-op with Tita Neyala and fellow backpackers at the dining area of Neyala's Homestay in Sabtang, Batanes
Photo-op with Tita Neyala and fellow backpackers at the dining area of Neyala’s Homestay in Sabtang, Batanes.

Tita also served us Tubho Tea, a traditional tea of the Ivatans popularized in Sabtang. Tubho Tea is made of dried leaves of a fern that grows in moist rocky areas of Batanes forests and mountainsides.

To prepare, add 3 to 5 stalks of the dried tubho to a liter of water and bring to a boil. Continue boiling for about five minutes or until the water turns dark. Best served with lemon or calamansi.

A pack of Tubho Tea is Php 50. For orders, call or text +63-949-1372813 and look for Tita Neyala or her son Francis Neyala.

With Councilor JB Neyala on top of an Idjang in Sabtang, Batanes.
With Councilor JB Neyala (son of Tita Neyala of Neyala’s Homestay) on top of an Idjang in Sabtang, Batanes.

I enjoyed my stay in Sabtang. Thanks to the warm hospitality of the Neyala Family! I will be back and hope to see you again. Dios Mamajes. Signing out for now. Peace!

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