Boracay Reverts to MGCQ

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Boracay Reverts to MGCQ
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The quarantine classification of Boracay reverts to MGCQ (Modified General Community Quarantine) today, April 15, 2021. On April 2, 2021. the Malay LGU placed Balabag and two zones in Manocmanoc under ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine). The LGU saw the need to curb COVID-19. Hence, we stayed home for two weeks. I went out only for essential errands.

Boracay Reverts to MGCQ
Boracay White Beach. Photo taken on April 11, 2021 by my lifeguard friend Anthony Ordas

COVID-19 Cases Drop

We stayed home, dreading the possibility of an extension of the lockdown until April 30. Fortunately, the COVID-19 cases dropped significantly as of April 12, 2021.

Boracay Reverts to MGCQ with Restrictions Still Imposed

The LGU still prohibits the operation of bars, restaurants/food parks with live shows and music. They do not allow cockfighting, and non-essential gatherings such as parties/celebrations. They also reduced the church seating capacity to 30%. Everyone needs to wear face masks and face shields at all times and adhere to minimum public health standards. Curfew is imposed from 11 PM to 4 AM.

COVID-19 Cases Rise Anew

Yesterday, the Malay LGU announced that there are 10 new active cases on the island. Further, they placed Zone 1 of Yapak under surgical lockdown.

So far, Boracay is open to all tourists coming from MGCQ areas. I hope that the situation on the island improves sooner than later. Sadly, some establishment owners already decided to close shop because of this recent lock down. Who can blame them when it is more costly to remain operational than shutdown? Some of my friends also decided to leave the island for good and seek employment elsewhere. It is a bitter pill to swallow but it is what it is.

The pandemic has really turned the world upside down. Its end is nowhere near the distant future. We can not be complacent. I read that the vaccines can protect you from contracting the virus. But, it will not prevent you from being a carrier. Getting a negative RT-PCR Test result does not also guarantee that you are COVID-free. The virus has an incubation period. Let us all do our best to stay safe and healthy. Let us protect ourselves so we can protect the ones we love.

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