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After more than three months, I have finally come to terms that moving to Boracay is, somehow, for good. Well, at least, for now.


This morning, when my shoot was rescheduled by a client, I passed by the grocery to buy some cleaning agents: walis tambo or broom, cleaning brush, some rags, floor wax and an insecticide. You see… I have always dodged the idea of permanence since I got here on April 6, 2019 and every time there is an opportunity that has any semblance of commitment, I veer away from it to recalibrate my gears.

My Mountain Bike – Phantom

RM, my best buddy on the island, lent me his mountain bike for my convenience. Phantom, the bike’s name, has been helpful to me as I shuttle to and fro the stretch of Boracay Main Road and its side streets daily, rain or shine.

Phantom has already undergone a number of repairs under my care. In fact, I have already spent so much on it that RM told me to buy it from him already. Up to now, I have not paid RM a cent. Lol. I guess it is time to pay him for good and take ownership.

Watch how I start my typical day on Boracay Island

My Dog – Dorito

I spend most of my days and nights by the beach and I frequent Cocoloco Boracay Beach Resort where they adopted a daschpin- a crossbreed of a daschund and a Pinoy dog.

Dorito, the daschpin, was rescued by one of the guests at the beach from a kid. From what I heard, the kid was trying to drown Dorito. Poor pup. The guest brought Dorito to the hotel, bought dog food and spent for a visit to the vet and medicines. But the guest had to check-out eventually to go back abroad and asked one of the hotel staff to take care of Dorito instead.

Dogs love me for as long as I can remember. I guess they can sense if someone is pure-spirited. Lol. And, Dorito is no exception. The dog adores me. She comes running towards me everytime I arrive and would persistently make me get her to stay on my lap as I work on my laptop for some quality time.

One day, one of the hotel staff asked me if I wanted to adopt Dorito since she is greatly enamored to me. As expected, the elusive me did not say ‘Yes’ and reasoned out that I will not be able to take good care of her since I am almost always out of the house less I tag her along everywhere and anywhere I go.Now, Dorito lives on the mainland. Sadly, Gie, the hotel staff, brought her to their family house for good. I miss Dorito badly. I missed my chance to be a dog’s best friend.

My Packed Luggage

Ever since I moved to Boracay, I have not really made any effort to unpack my stuff. Somehow, I have harbored this lingering feeling that anytime I would just quit and return to Manila. For the past three months, I have been living out of my suitcase. Everything is still intact inside my luggage so that, in case, I feel like leaving, I can instantly roll away and get on a boat back to the city.

My Living Quarters

With still packed luggage, I did not find any reason to clean my living quarters (eeew, right?) and make it more comfortable until last night when I had to unpack all my stuff while looking for a camera accessory for my supposed shoot this morning. I had to put my stuff on the floor. Only then did I realize that the floor needed some serious cleaning. I mean really. The dust (or sand) has found its new home on my floor apparently. Lol.

My Friends

In a span of more than three months, apart from RM, I think I have significantly made friends with some of the islanders: some here for work, some local residents.

My Visiting Friends

Since my non-Boracay friends learned that I already live here, I have become sort of a ‘tourist spot’ and they include me in their Boracay itinerary. Lol. I meet different visiting friends almost every week. It feels great to be missed. Heck, have I not moved here, I would not have had the chance to meet up with dear friends from way back. Guys, thank you for meeting up with me. I highly appreciate it.

End Of Contract

One of the projects where I devote half of my time just recently ended contract. Although the contact with the client was mostly online and by phone via Viber, it was also the only project that had got me anchored to Metro Manila since most transactions were done there. And, if it was required of me to attend a meeting, I planned to just get on board the next 2Go ship to Batangas and bus to Metro Manila. This project was the last thread that was keeping me tied to my city life. Now that it has been cut, the prospect of staying in Boracay longer became more probable.

Ongoing Projects On The Island

Currently, I am up to my neck with ongoing projects as an online content creator, videographer and a licensed drone pilot. Projects vary from audio visual presentations to social media management with Boracay-based clients. Likewise, I still have pending travel vlogs and videos and some low-key businesses on the side. There is no way that I am saying ‘No’ to these wonderful opportunities. I am thankful for the blessings that come my way. I am hoping to help more businesses on the island prosper through my online content.

Moving Forward

Today, I am taking that bold step of embracing the unknown and the uncertain and to inevitably start growing my roots on the island. And, I know that buying my first broom is just the first step of many.

I guess there is no turning back now. I hope that one day in the not so distant future, I will look back to this and smile and say I made it. I will make this work. I will keep the Faith and pray. So wish me luck!

Let us connect on Facebook for daily updates. Signing out for now. Peace!

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