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Last Tuesday, I was invited by New Summit Colors Distribution for a hair makeover. Their office is located near the International Airport which is a bit too far from where I live quite honestly. I live in Cubao and going to Paranaque on a weekday (morning) can be a pain in the rear.


Fortunately, I had a meeting in Sucat, Paranaque that morning. I was also allowed by New Summit to arrive later than the 10 AM call time. I was done with my meeting by 11:30 AM. It was raining that day so traffic was heavier than usual. After being stuck in traffic for almost an hour, I finally got to the venue by 12:45 PM.


It was not my first time to get a hair makeover. I have done gigs before for Frank Provost and Jesi Mendez to name a few. That is why I was excited about how my new do would turn out.

I was pleased to see this photo neatly placed in the area designated for me. It made me wonder how and where they got my photo. Lol.

I arrived lunch time. Talk about perfect timing. While waiting for my hair technician to start his wonders on me, Me-an Clemente of and I had lunch. Me-an arrived fifteen minutes earlier. The rest was done with lunch. As they say, ‘Tummy First’. Priorities… Priorities… Priorities… LOL.

[wpvideo XdpPP3Dc]

Ever since I started travel blogging, my trips to the hair salon have become less and less. It has been two years since I left the corporate setting and two years of not being bound by any dress code. Did you know that the last time I had a hair cut was more than a year ago? Lol.

One week prior to this hair makeover session, I was asked by New Summit about my hair’s history and if I had any pegs in mind. I searched far and wide for that perfect ‘Travel Blogger Look’ (if there is such a thing). Below were my three choices. Yes, I even considered donning a Targaryen look.

I also did a poll on Facebook if I should get a haircut already or not. The response was not a resounding and overwhelming ‘Yes, get a haircut already’. Hence, given the nature of what I do now, I believe it is best to keep it long and neat. I can always cut my hair anytime anyway.

Facebook Poll

With Jhapz, the hair technician assigned to me.

The hair technician assigned to me was Jhapz. Rock on! Jhapz is definitely not the stereotypical hair technician. Watch the short video below and you’ll know what I mean.

Revlonissimo Colorsmetique and Revlon Professional Blonde Up Gentle Powder
Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Color & Care High Performance Creme Gel Color and Revlon Professional Blonde Up Gentle Powder

Jhapz used two Revlon products to achieve my Final Look:

  1. Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Color & Care High Performance Creme Gel Color 60mL
  2. Revlon Professional Blonde Up Gentle Powder 500 gr

Here are the features and benefits of the products based on the brochure:

Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Color & Care High Performance Creme Gel Color 60mL

  • Permanent color dyes with a wide variety of shades.
  • Range: 98 shades

Active Ingredients:

  • Colored oxidation ingredient: delays colorant oxidation for better diffusion of colorants into the hair shaft. Long-lasting color.
  • High variety of oxidizing dyes: Up to nine different high-quality colorants, depending on the shade. Color richness, uniformity and chromacity.
  • Specific C5 colorants: Specific colorants for red, copper and burgundy: with high affinity to the hair fiber. Sublime beauty, vibrancy and intensity.
  • New shine molecule: High affinity for the hair surface with new dual-function for a long-lasting mirror effect.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Skincare cosmetic ingredient with moisturizing properties.
  • Soy Protein: Contains peptides and essential amino acids, nourishes, renovates and prepares hair so it is in the optimum condition to receive color.
  • Blend of care agents: Protects the integrity of the hair and its cuticle by sealing it. Specific ends locker for a polished look.

Revlon Professional Blonde Up Gentle Powder 500 gr

  • Soft, non-volatile lightening powder
  • Concentrated compact bleaching powder with lightening molecules
  • Uniform results and a lightening powder up to 7 levels

BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS by New Summit Colors Distribution’s Photographer:

Thanks Jhapz and Revlon Professional for the hair makeover session.

My hair makeover session started at about 3 PM and ended at a little past 7 PM. I think Jhapz forgot to give me some hair care tips. I would have wanted though to have a proper hair treatment after the coloring session but I guess there was not enough time to do the procedure.

I got home late, close to 10 in the evening. Thanks to the horrendous traffic along mighty EDSA. I did not wash my hair in the shower that night.

The next day, lo and behold, the hair color became even more vibrant.


Honestly, I was a bit worried that I did not get a proper hair treatment after the hair makeover session. As I said, it was not my first time to get a hair makeover. I have done modeling gigs in the past and it was either I would get a proper hair treatment after the hair makeover session (same day or was asked to return days later) or would be given hair treatment products to use at home.

In fairness to Revlon, I feel that my hair was not subjected to the usual stress of hair coloring. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid content of Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Creme Gel Colour. As a skin care addict myself, I am quite familiar with the moisturizing properties of this ingredient.

Just the same, I visited the hair salon I used to frequent in the afternoon and got a Keratin Treatment.

I might also try some DIY hair treatments such as mayonnaise as suggested by fellow Travel Blogger Lee Rosales of soon. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Signing out for now. Peace!

The hair color service treatment was sponsored by New Summit Colors Distribution in exchange for a blog and an Instagram post. Pertinent information about the products were based on the product brochures included in the media kit. Everything written in this blog is of my honest opinion and personal experience.


  1. Love how detailed your experience was in the blog post. It’s nice that you had Keratin treatment at a salon. A hair treatment is really needed after a hair color to improve the quality of hair as well as seal the pigment. Anyway, cheers to us braving the horrendous traffic just for a hair color service. It was great seeing you again 😊

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