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My SM Supermalls special package
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Today, I got my SM Supermalls special package.

Receiving my SM Supermalls special package

This morning, I received a call from the courier (LBC). The caller, the courier guy, said that he was on his way to deliver a package for me from SM Supermalls. The excited me rushed outside and waited for him at the gate. Upon his arrival, I could not contain my excitement. He was riding a tricycle when normally he would be riding his motorcycle. You see, I always get excited about receiving packages via courier. Thanks to Shopee and Lazada. This time, however, I was more excited because I would not be signing any cash on delivery receipt.

He handed to me a big box and said with a gleeful tone in his voice, “Sir, delivery from SM Supermalls”. It sounded almost rehearsed, the way he said it. But I guess he was also as excited as I was. So, I signed the delivery receipt and he went on his way.

I immediately took a selfie by the time I reached my doorstep and posted it on Facebook.

My SM Supermalls special package

My “brothers” JR and Taw commented on my post and asked me to make an unboxing video. They, too, were curious. So, here it is!

Unboxing my SM Supermalls special package

Watch my latest vlog as I unbox my SM Supermalls special package.

Thank you, SM Supermalls for this early Christmas present! I truly appreciate it. May you continue to touch more lives and be a blessing to more Filipinos.

By the way, I got a personal message from the representative of SM Supermalls after publishing my vlog. She told me that they are sorry and will be sending me the missing Gift Certificates soon. Wow! I am truly grateful.

My first vlog in a while

It has been a while since I last published a content on my Youtube channel. My laptop is broken and parked in the repair shop. Apparently, they are having a hard time diagnosing the problem. I have yet to hear from them again.

Since I really wanted to make an unboxing video, I used my phone instead. To my surprise, I got the hang of it. Hence, I will be publishing more vlogs soon. There is no more reason why I should not.

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Stay safe and healthy, guys!

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