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Who Am I?

I have been a marketer for as long as I can remember, handling both pharmaceutical and consumer brands locally and across Asia Pacific as a Regional Brand Manager.

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I used to handle anti-hypertensive, anti-cholesterol and specialty products. I crossed over to Consumer Marketing to handle Cherifer, the Philippines’ number one multivitamin brand. I also had the opportunity to handle Cetaphil, the Philippines’ most recommended brand of cleansers and moisturizers by Dermatologists and Pediatricians. It was during my time when Cetaphil launched its many firsts in the local market: first TV Ad, first billboard and first online presence.

I am also a film maker. I studied film under the direction of the late Direk Marilou Diaz Abaya. I have done acting, production design, art direction and (assistant) directing for TV, film and TV Ad productions.

Aside from blogging and video productions, I still do marketing and business development consultancy for a number of multinational companies locally and regionally.

My Key Learnings As A Marketer

Based on first-hand experience and what I learned from my mentors over the years, the key success of any brand relies on three factors:

  • Getting the right consumer insights
  • Coming up with insight-based strategies
  • Implementing and monitoring strategy-driven tactics

My Key Learnings As A Film Maker

As a film maker, my mentor, Direk Marilou Diaz- Abaya, always stressed the importance of the “WHO” in effective storytelling. She said that the story should remain consistent to the subject’s core and his or her significant human experience.

Sounds very similar but different, huh? Well, it all boils down to knowing who the customer (marketing) or who the subject is (film making) and tailor-fitting the communication strategy or the storytelling without compromising the brand premise and promise or the truth and the signification human experience.

It is because of these key personal learnings that I got all pumped up when I heard about the First Consumer Insighting Conference happening on April 26-27, 2018 at The Events Center at the Century Mall, Makati City, Philippines.

I am attending the event and so looking forward to learn more.

Registration is still ongoing. Get your tickets here. The regular rate is Php 15,500. Group rates are also available at Php 12,000 per person, if you are registering for a group of three or more.

Consumer Insighting and Storytelling Conference 2018


MANILA – On April 26-27, marketers, creative professionals, researchers, and decision-makers, will come together for the first Consumer Insighting and Storytelling Conference, happening in Makati City.

The event, presented by Synergy Market Research + Consultancy, is the only conference that focuses on the intersection of insighting and creativity – two disciplines that are imperative for businesses today. It is a rebranded and expanded version of the company’s successful “HuGOT It Right” seminar-workshop series, which was launched in 2016.

“Consumer Insighting is a powerful currency for brands today. It allows them to get into the heart of what consumers truly want and need, which are most of the times unspoken,” said Germaine Reyes, President and CEO of Synergy Market Research + Consultancy. “However, some run the risk of labeling data findings and observations as ‘insight,’ and we want brands to rediscover the power of insighting, approaching it as both science and art.”

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The unique two-day program will feature talks from experts in the fields of marketing, advertising, anthropology, behavioural economics, digital, and design thinking, highlighting how consumer insights are drawn from these diverse sources. After a deep dive into insighting, attendees will learn about the psychology of storytelling and creative techniques they can employ to help them connect to their consumers more effectively. Sessions include:

  • An Insight About Insights
  • From the Outside In: How anthropology aids in deeper consumer insight mining
  • Why Emotions Trump Logic: Storytelling’s Impact on Consumer Purchase Behavior
  • The Psychology of Storytelling: Why and How Hugot Happens
  • Storytelling ROI

On the second day, attendees will undergo an intensive design thinking workshop, where they will get the chance to solve on a consumer insighting case study from a featured local brand. This will be facilitated by Miguel Aranaz, an innovation and design strategist and a serial entrepreneur, with an MA in Image and Communications at Goldsmiths University in London, and an alumnus of Stanford School.


“We have crafted this unique program not just for marketing and research professionals, but to everyone who wants to understand their consumers better – not just from a single point-of-view, but through different facets of their psyche.” Reyes said. “Uncovering a true consumer insight is like having an ‘aha’ moment, which can guide your business in how you speak to your customers, how you create new products, and how to innovate in a competitive market.”

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To register, visit


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