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If you’re not successful with your speeches, you’re probably making some mistakes. Learn the typical speech mistakes that lead ESL (English as Secondary Language) students to speech writing services online.
11 Speech Mistakes that Lead ESL Students to the Speech Writing Services Online

ESL students face lots of difficulties and challenges. Some situations make them become frustrated and grow desperate. For example, they struggle hard while preparing their speeches. This is a complex and lasting task, which requires great effort. Therefore, some mistakes are simply inevitable. Accordingly, many students seek assistance in various ways.

The use of speech writing services online is one of the most popular and effective kinds of assistance. Such services will sufficiently improve the levels of your writing and speaking competence. They can teach you many helpful things offering different samples.
All of us are human and make mistakes. When writing a speech, this truth is inevitable. In order to get rid of additional stress, many students hire writers offered by specially created custom companies. They offer a great variety of services that you can buy for quite a cheap cost. Such help is reliable and effective. Nonetheless, you can find out some keys on your own.
Make allowances for the following common mistakes made by ESL students:

  • Wrong word order. This is a great and typical mistake for the foreigners, as well as for the native speakers. Of course, foreign students make this mistake more frequently. They mess up English word order with their native one. It is particularly obvious in the cases of putting questions. Additionally, they make a wrong intonation. Thus, you should know all the rules of word order in English.
  • Wrong pronunciation. Many folks pronounce words inappropriately. For instance, they mess up “w” and “v”. A word “west’ may be pronounced as “vest” and the word “vase” as “wase”.
  • Confusing countable and uncountable. This problem is likewise pretty common. Students do not know for sure when to use words much and many, a few and a little, less and fewer etc. As the result, they may say “Many money or news” and so on.
  • Confusing pronouns. The foreign students seem to adore messing up pronouns. They are some kind of an irremovable stone. Thus, they may say “I have done ‘your’ homework” instead of ‘my’ and other similar examples.
  • The repetition of the subject. Another typical error is the use of the subject and adding the pronoun straight after it. ESL students are obsessed with this kind of errors while making their speeches.
  • Problems with the subject and verb. Many errors made in the paper appear during speeches too. Thus, many learners of English as the second language cannot cope with the subject-verb agreement. Even if they write everything correctly, they may forget about the matter of grammar while composing their speech. Therefore, there is a great need for practicing this aspect.
  • Messing up preposition. On or in? Here or there? Oftentimes, ESL students cannot remember the difference amongst various couples of prepositions and make awful mistakes.
  • Messing up similar words in two languages. Each language belongs to a definite family of languages. Some of them have the very similar root of origin. As the result, two languages may have pretty similar words that are frequently mistaken. For instance, people may confuse Spanish word “embarazada”, which means “pregnant” with embarrassed. As you can understand, the mistake will be very funny. Nonetheless, you should avoid similar failures.
  • An inappropriate language. Another common error is the use of language that does not fit the content. Many students cannot define the proper style to use, which totally spoils their speech even if it is grammatically correct. Mind your style!
  • Wrong word choice. One more similar error is the pickup of the words. Many words may have pretty similar meaning. Nonetheless, they may be out of different spheres. For instance, efficacy, effectuality, and effectiveness.
  • The wrong stress. Finally, ESL students make an incorrect word stress. Consequently, the listeners may get frustrated with what was said.

In the event, you have decided to prefer a speech writing service make sure that it is officially proven. If it can be trusted, view its major conditions, such as quality, speed, prices, confidentiality and something of the kind. However, you can manage everything on your own if memorizing the typical mistakes and using some techniques to enhance your skills and become an excellent orator.

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