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Growing up, I remember my Mom would always tell me to give a full smile whenever there is a photo-opportunity.  But I never took it to heart.

A full smile would mean to show more teeth. As a teenager, I thought it was not cool. I thought it was lame (pa-cute). Instead, I opted for that pa-cool no teeth smile until it has already become a norm. Case in point would be my Instagram timeline. After realizing this, I willed myself one day to practice smiling with the aid of a mobile phone.


Me practicing the different ways (and levels) of smiling. What a geek!

In retrospect, I guess the reason for this pa-cool smile over the years boils down to a personal insecurity. Or, so I thought. Aptly put, it was more of a mind conditioning. Thanks to the gazillion Hollywood movies I saw as a child growing up. I thought that my teeth were not sparkling white enough to dawn that big smile.  I wanted to have a celebrity-white set of teeth!

Ang arte! I can’t believe I am sharing this!

Well, my teeth have always been more yellowish than average. My dentist told me that teeth are naturally off-white in color. I read, too, that genetics and environment play a big role; Teeth turn more yellow with age; They can get stained by drinking coffee, tea or red wine and eating certain fruits and vegetables such as apples and potatoes; Smoking or chewing tobacco is also a big no-no; Several diseases, medications, and trauma can likewise cause discoloration.  Despite learning all of these, I still wanted my teeth whiter.


Me in the background getting a professional whitening procedure done by Dr. Guendolyn Wee. That is my brother in the foreground doing his silly duck face.

As a sweet tooth, needless to say, regular proper brushing and flossing are mainstays of my personal hygiene. Likewise, it is a must that I visit my dentist on a regular basis for my oral health. Every now and then, I would consult my dentist if I could undergo a whitening procedure.

Other treatment options to whiten teeth may be seen here.


Me in a happy place feasting on two of my favorite things in the world, Mango Bravo and red wine (in a water glass, lol). Weird combination, right? Walang basagan ng trip! I must say that I am salivating right now as I type this. That luscious slice of Mango Bravo of Contis is to die for! 

Over the years,  this obsession with whiter teeth has turned me into a hoarder of various brands of over-the-counter whitening toothpaste. Searching far and wide, to my surprise, I have the following in my cabinet. Some I even bought abroad.


Just recently, I came across one product that would knock all these out to oblivion. The product claims to whiten teeth while fighting plaque:

  • Removes stains while whitening, brightening and polishing teeth for a radiant smile;
  • Provides a long-lasting fresh, clean mouth while aiding in prevention of dental cavities;

I tried the product. I must admit that I was completely blown away after seeing the effect of using it for the first time. Check out the before and after first use photos below.


Now, more than ever, I have every reason to smile… a big smile. Okay, I know I need more practice in flashing those pearly whites for a selfie. LOL.

Here is me brushing my teeth using this awesome product for the first time while singing Happy Birthday in my head four times in a row.


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