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[vimeo 249593546 w=640 h=360] MEDNIVA AVP Final Version from JOEL JAWS ANDRADA on Vimeo.

A paramount goal of the healthcare industry is to improve quality of life.This often requires sharing scientific data with healthcare providers, so that they may effectively improve patient outcomes.Various forms of passive transmission, such as traditional symposia and lectures, are known to be ineffective, and often, outcomes are not captured.

MEDNIVA is the exclusive global licensee of InteLearn™, the patent-pending pedagogy developed by Duke-NUS Medical School that leverages cognitive science. This active learning and team-based methodology is applied by MEDNIVA to deliver customized and highly impactful medical education programs for all industry stakeholders, including practicing physicians and internal employees and includes unique learning analytics. MEDNIVA programs are all active, and its unique team-based methodology ensures retention.

So how do the unique MEDNIVA programs work?

MEDNIVA customizes content and program elements to fit specific objectives, audience characteristics, and to ensure debate.

In a highly interactive session, participants are exposed to content, relevant case studies, and interesting questions to foster discussion and debate.

The questions are initially answered individually. And then, they have team debates and must agree on key points as a team, thereby improving their knowledge with peer interactions.

Teams may have multiple debating sessions, including with the other teams and a content expert provides clarifications as needed.

Finally, participants answer individually to the final questions to demonstrate their knowledge retention.

A remote follow-up questionnaire a few months later may be included to improve retention.

And, MEDNIVA provides certification with reference to Duke-NUS Medical School and Duke University.

MEDNIVA programs have delivered positive outcomes across a variety of medical education needs, therapeutic areas, external & internal learners and geographies, achieving an average of 90% on final learning outcomes and an average improvement of 42% vs learning before the programs

Also, 99% of participants recommend MEDNIVA to others.

MEDNIVA is having a transformational impact in how the healthcare industry interacts with its stakeholders.

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