McDonald’s K-Burgers: Is It Worth The Fuss?

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McDonald's K-Burgers
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Two days ago, McDonald’s Philippines launched the newest addition to their menu: K-Burgers. For a limited time, McDo royal patrons can enjoy these Korean inspired burgers: K-Chicken Burger and K-Beef Burger. Both burgers are spiced up with McDo’s version of gochujang sauce, sandwiched in black sesame seed buns.

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I live on Boracay island and the barangay I live in is currently on lock down because of the growing number of COVID-19 cases. I only go out if I need to do errands. Yesterday, I went out after sunset to buy food for the coming days. I got on my bike and went to the grocery. Since I have been seeing a lot of reviews about McDonald’s K-Burgers online, especially on TikTok, I got curious with all the fuss. On my way home, I dropped by McDonald’s Boracay to order McDonald’s K-Burgers for takeaway.

My Honest Review About McDonald’s K-Burgers

I do not really understand all the fuss to be honest. First, it is expensive. A combo meal costs P 245, consists of a burger, medium-sized fries and a regular Coke. Since I wanted to taste both variants, I ordered one combo meal and an a la carte. Total cost is P 430. I could have just gotten a decent meal at Aria Restaurant or a yummy dinner buffet at Henann Regency Hotel with a couple of hundreds more. But, for the sake of this food review, I went ahead and ordered.

McDonald's K-Burgers

Between the two variants, I prefer the chicken. It is more spicy and kind of gives me a taste of Korea. The beef variant is bland and there is really nothing so special about it. Given the chance, I would still prefer McDonald’s Big Mac over these K-Burgers. So, if you are going to ask me if I am buying these Korean-inspired burgers the next time I visit McDonald’s, my answer would be No. Have you tasted these latest craze yet? Let me know. Let us connect on Facebook!

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