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The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Malay has increased fees to enter Boracay. At Caticlan Jetty Port, you have to pay environmental fee, terminal fee and pump boat fare.

Environmental FeeP 75P 300 – Foreign tourists
P 150 – Non-Aklanon tourists
Caticlan Port Terminal FeeP 100P 100
Cagban Port Terminal FeeP 100P 100
Tabon Port Terminal FeeP 50P 100
Pump Boat FareP 25 – day
P 30 – night
P 40 – day
P 50 – night

Previous Fees

As a tourist, I used to pay a total of 200 pesos at Caticlan Jetty Port to enter the island: 25 pesos for the pump boat fare, 100 pesos for the terminal fee and 75 pesos for the environmental fee.

Increased fees to enter Boracay
In 2018, I needed to pay a total of P 200 at Caticlan Jetty Port to enter the island as a tourist.

New Fees

After almost two years of living on the island, fees have increased to enter Boracay.

Increased fees to enter Boracay

Environmental Fee

Under the Municipal Ordinance No. 431, the environmental fees are increased. Foreign tourists now need to pay 300 pesos. Non-Aklanon tourists are charged 150 pesos.

Aklanons, returning Aklanons (balikbayans) and children 12 years old and below do not need to pay the environmental fee. Students, Filipino senior citizens and persons with disabilities may avail of a 20 percent discount. Anyone caught misrepresenting as an Aklanon will be fined 2,500 pesos and may face legal charges.

“necessary for the preservation of Boracay Island. It is an indispensable revenue-generating project for the local government of Malay, Aklan, and provides funding for tourism infrastructure and helps address environmental and tourism concerns”

Councilor Maylynn Aguirre Graf, Municipality of Malay

Source: Iloilo News

Increased fees to enter Boracay
Cagban Port, Manocmanoc, Boracay Island

Terminal Fee

The 100 pesos terminal fee imposed in Caticlan and Cagban ports remain the same. The terminal fee at Tabon port is increased from 50 pesos to 100 pesos.

Tambisaan Port, Manocmanoc, Boracay Island

Tabon operates as an alternative port to Caticlan Jetty Port every time there are inclement conditions. Boats ferry people from Tabon to Tambisaan port on Boracay island.

Pump Boat Fare

Increased fees to enter Boracay

The pump boat fare was 25 pesos for day trips and 30 pesos at night. Now, it is 40 pesos for day trips and 50 pesos for night trips. Schedule of boat trips is from 6 AM to 9 PM only.

A not so crowded Cagban Port, with less tourists visiting the island, because of COVID-19

Click here for the list of requirements to enter Boracay.


The increased fees to enter Boracay could serve as a deterrent for tourists to visit the island. Aside from paying for the required RT-PCR Tests, tourists now need to pay extra to enter Boracay.

Click here where to get RT-PCR test for 4000 pesos and below.

I believe the increase is necessary. According to Councilor Maylynn Aguirre Graf, the additional revenue generated will provide funding for tourism infrastructure and help address environmental and tourism concerns.

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