EAT OR EEK? | SM TAPSILOG & blogging while en route to Puerto Galera


The bus left Cubao at eight in the morning and arrived in Batangas City Grand Terminal before 10 AM. The trip was a jiffy. No heavy traffic surprisingly along EDSA. I guess it is because it was a Sunday and I was busy blogging on my phone. Mike Zuniga of invited me to accompany him in this adventure and his bus arrived at about ten AM.

Arrival in SM Batangas
With Mike Zuniga of in SM Batangas.

Mike and I took two rides (jeepney and tricycle) from the bus terminal to SM Batangas to recharge my batteries, buy a powerbank, get a dose of caffeine, eat lunch and meet our hosts.

The Pineng Power Bank 20,000 MAH that I bought in Rulls Cellphone and Accessories, Inc. in SM Batangas for P1699.00

Since our time in SM was limited, we wanted a quick lunch so we could meet our friends from Arkipelago Divers at 1 PM to catch a boat ride together to Puerto Galera.

Amy and Pedro Magsino of Arkipelago Divers.

Hence, to avoid long queues in the usual fast food chains, we decided to eat in SM Supermarket and I ended up ordering Tapsilog (Beef strips, fried egg and rice) in SM Supermarket for a meager P50.00. As what my good friend Marina Benipayo said upon seeing the photo I posted on Instagram, the egg was probably the saddest looking ever. LOL. 


The beef was just as sad and the rice too dry for my taste. Anyway, I finished the whole thing just the same. Never again.

I will be posting my blog and vlog about our scuba diving experience with drone shots in Puerto Galera very soon. Thanks for reading. Signing out for now. Peace.

Thanks to Arkipelago Divers for this amazing Discover Scuba Diving experience!

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