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Today’s featured budget meal is Jollibee’s Breakfast Shanghai. For a meager P50.00, this okay meal comes with  three pieces of fried spring rolls, one medium cup of garlic rice and one fried egg.

To satisfy my morning appetite, I ordered a cup of pineapple juice (P10.00) and a two-piece pancake a la carte (P50.00) for a total cost of P110.00. That is a full meal at USD 2 only. I must say that this meal is a tummy-filler or what I call in the vernacular “lamang-tyan” or “panawid gutom”.  It is not something that will fancy your sophisticated tastebuds. Manage your expectations, guys! I mean how much meat should one expect from a meal worth P50.00 anyway?

Just the same, I enjoyed my meal. Thanks to Jollibee’s effective mind conditioning over the years with its super relatable TV and online ads. I mean, the heck, despite their meals not having the standard nutritional content guides on the packaging, I still feel good eating whatever that big red bee has to offer. Weird, huh?

Have you tried this budget meal yet? Let me know what you think.

Signing out for now. Peace.


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