Photography by Jomar Lansang of Olivia’s The Coffee Estate in Amadeo, Cavite, Philippines
I bring my drone whenever I travel, hence, the hashtag dronescapades and the logo.
Despite the difficulty of riding a jam-packed public utility vehicle, I carry two backpacks, one for my drone and another for my videography gadgets and personal effects. I have seen passengers giving me weird glances, even staring at my drone backpack that is “sitting” next to me. Yes, I would pay extra so my drone can have a dedicated seat inside the jeepney or bus. LOL.
I must admit. Guilty as charged! I am not a light traveler because I bring with me a mini-production house. My brother and fellow travel bloggers can attest to this. Why do I go to such great lengths? Well, I want to capture the whole experience by getting not just ground but also aerial and underwater footage whenever possible.
Pinoy Drones

And because of my affinity to drones, I have been tapped by Pinoydrones to be their partner. Founded in July 2016, Pinoydrones is a distributor of drones with trading partners in various areas in the Philippines.

Expect future blog posts featuring the various drones that Pinoydrones carry. My coupon code is JOEL20. My blog readers can use this to avail of discounts when they purchase from Pinoydrones.
Signing out for now. Peace!


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