The Zark’s Classic Burger priced at P 109 a piece is probably the biggest P 109 Cheeseburger I have ever seen! The burger bun comes with a quarter pound of ground beef, melted cheese and fresh lettuce and tomatoes.

The Zark’s Classic Cheeseburger is bigger than my Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses
Add P 60.00 to get a large fries and  a cup of blue lemonade

Now, I understand the reason for all the pandemonium in malls during Zark’s Burgers’ Eighth Anniversary last August 2017. Hahaha talk about being a late adopter when it comes to food. More about Zark’s Burgers’ Eighth Anniversary here as reported by CNN Philippines.

Zark’s Burgers also has other equally satisfying offerings. Below are photos of Zark’s Burgers’ menu:

Photo of Zark’s Burgers’ menu of their “regular” burgers
Photo of Zark’s Burgers’ menu of appetizers
Ready for bigger burgers? Try Zark’s Burgers’ Challenge Burgers!

My brother and I visited Zark’s Burgers Cubao branch. Thanks to Mr. Drew Bonifacio, Branch Supervisor, for welcoming us and to the whole crew for the efficient service.

Me with my brother Jem Mark while waiting for our orders to be served in Zark’s Burgers in Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
Me with Drew Bonifacio (Branch Supervisor) and Gladys Oreta of Zark’s Burgers Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.

To me, Zark’s Burger Cubao Branch is what a burger joint should be. No frills. Just honest-to-goodness burgers at affordable prices. I wonder if the other branches also exude the same ambience. Perhaps, I should visit other branches soon.

Zark’s Burgers Cubao exudes a ‘burger-joint’ ambiance
Zark’s Burger’s red and black interior
Zark’s Burgers also provides complimentary disposable gloves
Me enjoying my Zark’s Burgers Classic Cheese Burger

To find their branch nearest you, click here.

Signing out for now. Peace!



Facial Cleaning by Let’s Face It for only P245.00 is definitely a hit.

Na-hit lahat ni ate yung mga whiteheads ko. Lol. Wala syang sinanto sa pag-prick!

It is probably the most affordable decent facial treatment in the metro. No frills. Also, it includes two (2) free checkup.

Let’s Face It’s Facial Cleaning starts with a facial massage using a mild lotion-like cleanser.

It is so soothing that a blogger such as myself could easily fall asleep and forget to take photos.

A facial brush helps in skin exfoliation.

Then, the face is subjected to two types of rotating brushes to gently exfoliate dead cells.

The skin is properly moisturized after cleansing.

To prep the face for the steamer, a moisturizing agent is gently massaged onto the skin.

A steamer helps open the pores.

Eye patches are then placed to protect the sensitive eye area from the heat of the steamer. The face is left under the steamer for about ten (10) minutes.

After the steamer, a vacuum is used to suck whatever debris that may have been stuck to unclog the pores.

A vacuum helps unclog the pores.

Then, it is time for pricking to remove whiteheads and blackheads.

Bracing myself for pricking.
I asked the therapist if I could take a photo with her. She politely declined and told me it is prohibited. But she did a pretty good darn job!
Me after pricking and shedding tears of joy. Lol.
After pricking, a mesh is placed on the face. The laser then helps to close the pores.

After pricking, a mesh is placed on the face. The laser then helps to close the pores.

An antibiotic is applied onto the face to help prevent infection.

An antibiotic is applied onto the face to help prevent infection.

To cap it off, a sunblock is applied to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

To cap it off, a sunblock is applied to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

It is recommended to avoid wetting the face with water or sweat in the next twelve (12) hours.

The whole procedure takes no more than forty-five minutes.

They also offer add-ons such as masks, whitening, peeling, laser and warts treatment:


Facial cleaning forms a vital part of my skin care routine. To me, keeping a clean and clear skin is personal hygiene. That is why I go for facial cleaning every month to address whiteheads and blackheads. For more serious skin concerns, I consult a certified dermatologist.

You may want to try the services of Let’s Face It. For branch locations, visit their website here.

Signing out for now. Peace!




For only P295.00, you will get a decent slice of pork meat, refillable Japanese rice and cabbage at Watami.

Pork Katsu by Watami


Fresh from the province for the Christmas holidays, my brother Jem and I stormed our way to Makati on a rainy Wednesday afternoon to exchange my good old magnetic striped Banco De Oro (BDO) Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card for an EMV ATM card. EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard, Visa, the original developers of the chip technology to minimize fraud. For more information about EMV, click here.

You can no longer use your old ATM card after January 31, 2018. Go to your Banco De Oro branch to claim your EMV ATM Debit Card.

Apparently, my old ATM card will work only until the end of January 2018 and we do not want to start the year with a near expiry ATM card, do we?

Screenshot of Banco De Oro’s text reminder to claim the new BDO EMV ATM card.

After BDO, we were famished and we went around Greenbelt 2 to look for Japanese cuisine. We ended up in Watami.

If you are looking for a Japanese casual restaurant in Greenbelt, i.e., a Japanese restaurant that serves authentic Japanese food sans the usual “formalities” of a Japanese restaurant, then you might want to try Watami.

Me and my brother Jem while waiting for our food in Watami

Watami is located on the ground floor of Greenbelt 2.

The crew was friendly and attentive. Walang suot na ‘horseblinds’ in short (they were not wearing horseblinders)  Don’t we all just hate it when they pretend to be busy and blind? Lol. Overall, service was good. The manager even approached us  to check if we needed anything else.

Jem ordered salmon sashimi and Watami salad, too. Based on the munch rate that he was going, I could say that he enjoyed both.

Watami Salad P255. Serves two.
Screenshot of Watami menu for salads.jpg
Watami’s menu for salads
Salmon Sashimi P375
Watami’s menu for sashimi
Jem enjoying his Watami salad and Salmon Sashimi

We capped the day off with a lively conversation and coffee.

Me enjoying my cup of coffee. Thanks Jem for the treat!
Jem busy on his phone while walking in Greenbelt 2

Signing out for now. Peace!



The Christmas Season has been so fun and filling. I gained 10 lbs in a span of just two weeks. Thanks to all the yummy dishes that were made accessible to me by my mom and my brother during my stay in the province.

Me with Mom and my brother Jem enjoying breakfast

For the New Year, my goal is to be back in shape. Hence, I will try to stay away from meat and rice. I also want to try an alternative to tuna. I have been eating tuna for as long as I can remember. For today’s dinner, I prepared  a Mackerel Sandwich.



1 can of Uni-Pak Mackerel 5oz
2 tablespoons of mayonnaise
2 slices of bread
oregano (optional)

Open the easy-open can of Uni-Pak Mackerel and drain the oil. Put contents in a bowl.

Open the easy-open can of Uni-Pak Mackerel and drain the oil. Put contents in a bowl.

Mix the Mackerel meat with two tablespoons of mayonnaise.

Mix the Mackerel meat with two tablespoons of mayonnaise..jpg

Put pepper to taste.

Put pepper to taste..jpg

I put oregano or basil to give it an herbal smell. It is a personal preference and it is completely optional.

I put oregano or basil to give it an herbal smell. It is a personal preference and it is completely optional..jpg

Generously, spread the mix on the bread. I prefer toasted bread. Yummy!

Generously, spread the mix on the bread. I prefer toasted bread. Yummy!.jpg20171227_2242061387395301.jpg

With proper diet, regular exercise and enough sleep, I know I will be back in shape in no time. Thanks to Uni-Pak for making mackerel available as an alternative to tuna.

Remember, “hindi basta nakasanayan the best na yan kaya basta Mackerel dapat tatak Unipak!”

I will also be giving away a special gift pack to one lucky winner to be drawn on January 6, 2018.

Just follow this Pak na Pak na Mechanics:

1. Like the Uni-Pak Facebook Page.

2. Tell me in the comments section the dish you will be preparing using any of the Uni-Pak products and remember to add the following hashtags #tatakunipak, #paknapak and #unipak.

winner's prize-11208625994..jpg
One lucky winner of this special gift pack from Uni-Pak will be drawn on January 6, 2018.

Signing out for now. Peace! Happy holidays!

Missing my sister Joy who is in Dubai this Christmas.



Pick-up time was six-thirty in the morning of November 28, Tuesday, in Shakeys Magallanes.  It was a weekday so it was best to leave Cubao early to avoid the rush hour. I left the house at 5:30 AM and was already at the pick-up point by about 6 AM. I saw fellow blogger Lariza Garcia waiting at Starbucks instead. So I went to join her.


I brought with me my travel buddies: Canon DSLR and DJI Phantom, to properly document this adventure.

The van arrived by 7 AM or so. They got caught up in traffic coming from the first pick-up point in Malate. It was an almost three-hour van ride from Magallanes to Acuatico Beach Resort. Everyone was asleep except me during the ride.

Watch the vlog below:


MANILA, Philippines – Southeast Asia’s leading eCommerce company, Lazada Group, wrapped up its month-long Online Revolution campaign by crushing the region’s online sales record. The 12.12 final sale rang in USD 250 million in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), more than doubling last year’s sale. It also shattered the 11.11 record of USD 123 million, set only a month ago.


The massive sales volume is a clear sign that the month-long Online Revolution campaign, on its 6th year, is Southeast Asia’s biggest shopping phenomenon that has grabbed the attention of millions of consumers and provided them unprecedented access to products they want, love and need. Lazada customers came from all over Southeast Asia – from big cities like Bangkok and Jakarta to far-flung locations like Alabel in the Philippines, Jayapura in Papua Indonesia and Điện Biên province in Vietnam. Due to the spikes in volume, Lazada had to charter flights to Indonesia and Thailand to deliver goods ordered from international merchants. About 50,000 local marketplace sellers also saw massive sales increases.

Lazada constantly pushes the limits to better serve its customers and sellers to win in the region’s crowded eCommerce industry. To feature unique products and offers, it has entered into several exclusive partnerships with world-renowned brands like Apple and Unilever. Furthermore, through the recently launched Taobao Collection service, it is offering a curated selection of international fashion, tech and lifestyle items. By investing heavily in its fulfillment operations, including warehouses and delivery hubs across the region, the company is continuously improving the shopping experience by reducing delivery lead times. Supported by the expertise of Alibaba, Lazada is also deploying cutting-edge technology solutions, that range from search and personalization to logistics optimization, to ultimately benefit both customers and sellers on the platform.

Filipinos Revolutionize Digital
Filipinos have embraced the convenience of shopping online this holiday season. Close to two hundred thousand Online Revolution parcels coming from both brands and merchants get delivered from the Lazada sorting center daily. Cities such as Negros Oriental, Benguet and Laguna recorded the most number of items ordered during the campaign. Interesting to note that aside from the usual tangible buys,majority of customers bought their prepaid mobile load on Lazada – a clear indicator that Filipinos are more comfortable buying almost anything beyond the realms of the physical store.
The holiday rush and last minute shopping also existed online. Items ordered broke records during the last day of the sale. Over 140,000 fashion items, over 15,000 lipsticks, and over 12,000 automotive gift items were ordered in just one day. Christmas trees of different sizes and home decorations were also top picks of customers.

“Our record-breaking performance during our Online Revolution campaign is a testament to the hard work our team has put in, but also that of our sellers, brands,logistic providers, and other business partners, over the last 6 years” said Lazada Group Chief Executive Officer, Max Bittner. “The Online Revolution has just begun and it will continue to benefit consumers as well as the entire eCommerce ecosystem” he added.

About Lazada Online Revolution
Online Revolution is the biggest shopping event in Southeast Asia. It was started on 12 December 2012 (12.12) to introduce consumers to the convenience and value of shopping online, sparking a ‘shopping frenzy’ that has grown it into a highly-anticipated annual event. Every year, more and more consumers from capital cities to remote villages shop from a wide range of deals from international and local brands previously not available to them. Last year, shoppers ordered two million itemsin just the first day of the event. This year, the highlights of Online Revolution will be on 11.11 (11 November) and 12.12 (12 December). Themed ‘Shop the Universe’, shoppers in six countries can look forward to millions of products from around the world – from branded cosmetics, apparel and fashion accessories, to TVs and other nifty electronics, household essentials and even pet food – at ‘out-of-this-world’ prices.

About Lazada Group
Launched in 2012, Lazada is the number one online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia – present in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailandand Vietnam. As the pioneer of the eCommerce ecosystem in Southeast Asia, Lazada helps more than 135,000 local and international sellers as well as 3,000 brands serving the 560 million consumers in the region through its marketplace platform, supported by a wide range of tailored marketing, data, and service solutions.

With over 210 million SKUs available, Lazada offers the widest range of products in categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion, sports equipmentand groceries. Focused on delivering an excellent customer experience, it offers multiple payment methods including cash-on-delivery, comprehensive customer care and hassle-free returns through its own first and last mile delivery arm supported by more than 100 logistics partners. Lazada Group is majority owned by Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA).


On December 12, the first branch of the Queen Mother Salon by Karla Estrada had its grand opening in Pwesto Community Mall, Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City.







Ms. Karla Estrada herself and Kathryn Bernardo cut the ribbon while Daniel Padilla looked on.

It was a day of festivities as the salon’s grand opening coincided with the opening of the Pwesto Community Mall. Friends from the entertainment industry, the press and fans graced the momentous ocassion.

Me with Momshie Karla and my brother Jem Mark
Me and DJ Padilla
Me with Kathryn Bernardo
Me with the PBB Teens Ysabel, Vivoree and Heaven
Me with Hazel (Ara Mina) and her daughter.
Me with Alora who entertained the fans with super high energy along with Negi
Me with Negi.
Me with MJ Felipe
Karla Estrada in one of her interviews

In one of her interviews, Karla shared that her objective in coming up with the business is to help countless women like her succeed. She believes that through this Franchising Business, she can support the less fortunate women especially the single mothers by providing them opportunities to develop and hone their skills so they can reboot their lives and start a living. For franchising inquiries call 0916-5551911 and look for Mr. Armando Cruz.

Note that prices may change without prior notice.

For reservations, call 0996-9426182 and look for Jamie Morato.



Me with (from left to right) Jamie, Grace, Val, AJ, Tita V and Kuya Dho during the grand opening of the Queen Mother Salon

The first Queen Mother Salon by Karla Estrada branch is located in:

Pwesto Community Mall
56 Holy Spirit Drive
Don Antonio Heights
Quezon City

To stay updated, you may follow her Facebook Page here and her Instagram here.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by QMS by Karla Estrada (@qmsbykarlaestrada) on

Congratulations again to Momshie Karla, Queen Mother!

Tagged along my brother Jem Mark to cover the grand opening of the Queen Mother Salon by Karla Estrada on December 12, 2017 in Pwesto Community Mall

Click here for the blog featuring Karla Estrada’s photoshoot for the Queen Mother Salon.

I will be uploading videos soon so stay tuned. Signing out for now. Peace!



Music will once again be heard in the streets of Marawi City and in the hearts of Maranaos as the government and members of the private sector work hand-in-hand to rebuild the city, its communities, and homes. In support of various efforts, Coca-Cola Philippines, through Coke Studio, spearheaded a hydration drive in evacuation camps, including the Maria Cristina Evacuation Camp, Buruun Gym, Sta. Elena Evacuation Camp and Saguiaran Gym, where around 5,000 Maranaos are sheltered.

Rock band Franco brings back music to the hearts of the Maranaos during a solidarity caravan of Coca-Cola Philippines at the Saguiaran Gym, one of the largest evacuation centers around Marawi City.

Each family received various Coca-Cola products, including three 6-liter bottles of Wilkins Distilled water, and Coca-Cola shirts, while young local musicians sang OPM hits for the crowd. Customer partner Shakey’s also provided snacks for the evacuees.

The evacuation center in Saguiaran, which has one of the biggest concentrations of Maranaos, hosted a mini-concert featuring a Coke Studio bands The Ransom Collective and Franco. They sang their own songs and distributed hydration kits to the evacuees.

“This is our way of showing support and solidarity with the Filipino people – to be able to contribute in the rebuilding process. Music is one of the things that threads through every person, regardless of age, religion, culture, and socio-economic bracket,” said Stephan Czypionka, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Philippines. “We are committed to help the communities that we serve, especially in times like these that we have to come together to rebuild not just the physical structures, but most importantly, the lives of the people.”

Coke Studio was launched early this year and successfully changed the OPM landscape with its creative collaborations with various artists. It also served as a platform for teens and young adults to come together, drawn by their common love for music.

The Filipino youth is also coming together to help rebuild Marawi, driven by their passion for music. A benefit concert at the Mall of Asia concert grounds, and a recyclables collection drive are just some of the fund-raising initiatives to build schoolhouses through the Little Red Schoolhouse program implemented by the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines.

The construction of a school building is part of the commitment of Coca-Cola Philippines through the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation’s (PDRF) United4Marawi campaign. The Company also joined the PDRF in a three-day medical mission for the evacuees in Iligan City. Volunteer health care professionals provided check-ups, surgical procedures, and psychiatric intervention to the evacuees.

The Company also provided for the daily hydration needs of the members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines stationed in Mindanao.

“We are committed in helping rebuild Marawi and the communities impacted by this conflict. In partnership with relevant government agencies, we in the private sector will be bringing our sustainability initiatives to the area,” said Jonah de Lumen-Pernia, Public Affairs and Communications Director of Coca-Cola Philippines. “Our 5by20 entrepreneurship programs will be provided for the spouses of soldiers deployed in Marawi, while water systems will also be installed in the communities. We’ll also build a Little Red Schoolhouse.”
Coke Studio staged a benefit concert for the rehabilitation of Marawi on Saturday, December 9th, at the MOA Concert Grounds.

Coke Studio artists such as Abra, Gab and John of Urbandub, The Ransom Collective, Gracenote, Moonstar88, Autotelic, Ebe Dancel, Franco, Reese Lansangan, BP Valenzuela, Sandwich, Noel Cabangon, and Curtismith, joined various school bands for the benefit concert.

A collection drive of PET bottles was done on site to help raise funds.
Abra rocking the night during the Coke Studio benefit concert.

About The Coca-Cola Company
The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) is the world’s largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands and nearly 3,900 beverage choices. Led by Coca-Cola, one of the world’s most valuable and recognizable brands, our company’s portfolio features 21 billion-dollar brands, 19 of which are available in reduced-, low- or no-calorie options. These brands include Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Dasani, vitaminwater, Powerade, Minute Maid, Simply, Del Valle, Georgia and Gold Peak. Through the world’s largest beverage distribution system, we are the No. 1 provider of both sparkling and still beverages. More than 1.9 billion servings of our beverages are enjoyed by consumers in more than 200 countries each day. With an enduring commitment to building sustainable communities, our company is focused on initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint, create a safe, inclusive work environment for our associates, and enhance the economic development of the communities where we operate. Together with our bottling partners, we rank among the world’s top 10 private employers with more than 700,000 system associates. For more information, visit Coca-Cola Journey at, follow us on Twitter at, visit our blog, Coca-Cola Unbottled, at or find us on LinkedIn at


Filipinos enjoy cherishing the times we share with family, friends, and loved ones especially during the holiday season. For the majority, the best memories are created inside the bedroom where family members bond or catch up with each other before they call it a day.

Giving salute to the importance of family traditions, Uratex, who is celebrating 50 years this 2018 unveiled a Christmas-themed video to celebrate family memories made inside the bedroom, their common area of solitude, and the bed, a central and key witness to that celebration.

The video starts by showing a young man longing for the love and company of their mother, supposedly an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). He has not seen her as she has not come home for the past three years working overseas. Not a day passes that the young man misses his mother, where he shared many fun and memorable moments with her while at his bedroom during his childhood. And now that Christmas is near, the longing is felt more than ever.

Meanwhile, the young man’s elder brother also does his best to overcome his yearning for their mother’s presence by focusing all his strength on his job. He silently cares for his brother’s needs and sees to it that his younger brother continues to strive to be the best individual that he can be. But like his younger brother, he misses his mother as well.

Alas, their wish was granted on Christmas Day when, as they try to celebrate Christmas just like in the previous years without their mother, they were pleasantly surprised with her arrival. The joy in the younger brother’s eyes was evident with their mother’s presence in a special time such as Christmas, finally, as one family.

For the elder brother, the arrival of their mother was the perfect time to tell her that he is now ready to take on the responsibility of caring for the family’s needs. With their mother’s long-awaited homecoming, it will be the perfect opportunity to create new memories again together—as one family.

WATCH video by clicking the link below:

Uratex Philippines, the undisputed leader in the foam manufacturing industry believes that family love and comfort are always at the forefront in the tradition of selfless care and service to the Filipinos. Uratex believes that family love, caring and looking out for the welfare and greater comfort of each other is vital. Each Uratex bed provides ultimate comfort to promote a healthful and relaxed sleep night after night. This helps invigorate the body so it will remain fit and fully charged to make each family member ready to face life’s daily challenges.

For Uratex founders Robert and Natividad Y. Cheng, the products that they’ve developed over the past five decades have been uncompromising when it comes to celebrating the beauty of love and life. Each mattress that rolls out of the company’s manufacturing facilities is the result of the Chengs’ vision to share comfort with every Filipino. With constant innovation, Uratex products remain synonymous to rest and relaxation, love and comfort.

After their mother’s arrival, what special Yuletide celebration awaits the two sons? Watch this special video courtesy of Uratex Philippines produced by Mode Devi Media Group in collaboration with Project Geekid Productions & Wonderlast Film. For more of Uratex, visit or follow them on Facebook


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Earn extra cash through your referrals
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